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Travestis En Atlanta Georgia

2. Ucieczka

He ran a narrow corridor. He knew the route by heart, since it first tried to question him. This time they committed a big mistake - they gave him a new ashes, much weaker than the previous one. Managed to produce an almost perfect illusion of himself. False image, scent, form and other sensual feelings enough for three or four quarters. He had enough time to reach the exit. Suddenly, the door has passed the ninth room. He stopped.
- moron with me - said, but opened the door. - Come on! - Shouted to the girl.
He grabbed her hand and pulled the shortest route to the exit. Excludes any suspicious device, but some cameras may have seen his escape. When the door came to meet him, there was a loud alarm sound. Several men in suits stood before leaving.
- of the way! - He shouted, using the sweeping hand gesture.
Five men fall down like dominoes. The door flew the hinges.
- Faster, young! - Cried to his companion.
ran out on the stony path leading down the steep slope. They were perfectly visible. The chase had them as an easy target. Alopex picked up a small pebble. "Will, or not?" - He thought.
- Listen - he said, turning to Sparks. - Just do something dangerous, which will allow us to escape. In your shit can probably understand from my words, so I'll tell you only that you keep silent. Do you understand? Her
amazed face betrayed no sign of intelligence.
- Vote no! Do not Shriek not yell! - He put finger to his lips. - Quiet. Right?
She nodded and covered her mouth. He sighed.
- Do you like a shovel, but it will pass - said, then muttered quietly. - I think ... He embraced her tightly
arm. He pressed a pebble, clenching tight lids. "May you be at home" - he thought.

There was a bang, which could not endure any ear. The slope was a large hole, the disappearance of a significant place of refugees. Jonathan Alert called to him a few men in suits.
- How to, whore, happen? - Asked the most senior of them. Jonathan
measured it look cool.
- Mess up the case, York. I said that it should not be underestimated.
- We gave to him seme-5 is a damn uśpiłoby an elephant at this dose.
Jonathan laughed.
- Idiot! A series of less-Seme works at low pressure and a small amount of light. Hearing in the dark prison, located in the mountains, it was not a good idea.
- I am not a chemist, just an agent. To me matters that we have released a live bomb, which could be our most powerful weapon.
- A girl?
- is useless. Has some problems with the head, giving rise to its capacity. From this page, is more dangerous for him than for us. Alert
pondered. He had to come up with something. U.S. colony in the new world could not lose their military superiority over others. As if this were not enough, the original inhabitants of this world trying to foment rebellion. Everything went wrong at the same time as the Rights Murphiego.

announced their sudden gust coming. Pressure jump sounded like a balloon bursting.
- Fast - Alopex hissed, leading her towards the door. Scared
spark still obstructed mouth. A violent journey through the darkness, thick like tar, ended abruptly before someone's house. She did not remove his hand from the paragraph. She did not know if he could already speak. Everything was spinning around like a mad dance. Her guide to this strange world, knocked on the door. After a while waiting, she opened the dark-haired girl.
- You? - She whispered, amazed, looking at Alopex.
- I have to somewhere to hide - he replied, throwing her a significant look. Strange
Lagopus nodded and pulled her back in front of him. Hand gestures drew the curtains in the living room and sat down on the black chair. The owner of the house of him with a cool pattern.
- Where have you been for the last month? - She asked.
sparks caught the attention of fish, swimming in an aquarium in the cabinet. Compared to the two quarreling friends, they were unusually quiet. From the explanations Alopex, wysłuchiwanych involuntarily and carelessly, she learned that the white Room was part of the prison for the mentally ill, in which the Americans conducted research on magic. The house in which they gained shelter, he lay in the Polish colony of new world, called the New Cracow.
- They gave you something of a series of Seme - stranger said, sitting on the couch. - They were invented against the dwarves who live underground.
Suddenly she smiled.
- Nawarzyłeś a beer. Normally this is you. Alopex
grabbed one of the flowers, standing in a vase.
- Permit? - He asked.
- Do what you want, you still owe me. Lagopus
squeezed łodyżkę firmly plants, and another touched her habit. White cloth darkened and changed the typeface. The upper part has a shirt without buttons, and turned down his pants on the eraser. When he finished, the flower is nothing left. Tired collapsed in a chair.
- I need to sleep - he said.
- I'm going to take a shower, you go with me? - Asked the owner of the house, getting up. Alopex
closed his eyes.
- Sorry, Skin, not now - he murmured.
girl slapped him lightly on the head.
- Do not call me by name! Terribly boring you did in that prison.
When she left, Alopex sighed. Iskra sat closer to him.
- Spells? - She asked, pulling a weird shirt.
- Yes, magic. For me, not closed. Iskra
surprised. They locked him for making the shirts and pants?
- Why?
- Because I am immortal.
- Immortal? Wrong? He raised his hand slightly
- wrong, that I do. They want to be immortal.
- Why do they want?
- Because then you do not die.
- die wrong?
- Not always.
spark arose. She muddle-headedness. Do not die - bad. Die - not always bad.
- I understand nothing - she said.
- At this time, more after you did not expect - Alopex replied. - Let me sleep.

Iskra withdrew and returned to the fish. She looked at them, thinking about all that survived that day. White room. A man who kidnapped her from there. After a frantic race pushes her through the darkness, reminiscent of a narrow corridor. Introduces a foreign home and regales statements, not having a sense. It was her first memories of a lifetime. In the end she fell asleep, based on the cabinet.


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